A roundup of what Soaper Duper did- and what you- by buying our body and bath stuffs, helped us accomplish in 2017. Because while none of us can do everything, each of us can do something.

It was easy being green.

In fact, 2017 might have been the year that being green became truly ‘de riguer’.  So at Soaper Duper, we were ‘de rigeur’ first.

The plastic epidemic – which everyone who doesn’t have his or her head lodged inside a sloppily discarded laundry detergent bottle will have heard about – became front page news.  Sir David Attenborough even got into the game.  Activists lobbied the big supermarkets to put less unnecessary wrapping around fruits and vegetables, the health & beauty industry fatcats promised to clean up their plastic acts (unfortunately by many years in the future, but KNOWING you have a problem is the first step in confronting it, correct?), our biggest retail partner in the UK – Tesco – reformulated their own brand products to remove plastic microbeads , AND has just announced that plastic straws will soon be persona non grata (we’d like to think our nagging helped just a little) and webelieve we’ve found an excellent recycled shower puff.

We recycled 4 metric tonnes of plastic with our iconic green bubble bottle – and assuming people keep buying, we’re going for 10 tonnes in 2018!

The experts loved us. Publicly.

Not only were our SLS/SLES-free shower gel formulas given the nod pretty much across the board by beauty experts all over the UK, a brief thumbs up from the hilarious Caroline Hirons caused flocks of people to empty shelves of our Fruity Green Tuberose Shower Gel, a full page in the Sunday Times Style by beauty guru India Knight sent our Zesty Lemon stuff skyrocketing, and then the gorgeous  Sali Hughes, expert on pretty much everything (except, she says, singing and sports) bumped our latest launch- the juicy PASSIONFRUIT hand wash- up to ‘must-have’ status.

And we won awards.  Best Body Cleanser (Cosmopolitan) then Best Natural Body Brand (Woman & Home) and Best Body Product for our Fig & Yuzu Body Butter (Women’s Health). How fabulous!

And most importantly, we helped some people who aren’t lucky enough to have soap & water. 

We’ve got a goal, and it’s to do a lot of good by doing a lot of business. Which is why we pledged to donate £150,000 to WaterAid (and £20,000) to Clean The World by 2019.  Last year, Clemmie and Simon (incredibly entertaining stars of Instagram, as @mother_of_daughters and @father_of_daughters ) went to Madagascar on behalf of Soaper Duper to open the eyes of millions of their followers to the daily struggles of people who live without access to clean running water and sanitation facilities. And on Global Handwashing Day, they helped us spread the word about the importance of handwashing in disease prevention. Suds up, everybody!

We got ourselves online.

OK, technically, we were already online. But if you wanted to buy anything from us, you had to find a Liberty, or a Beauty Mart, or a Tesco, and not everybody had every product, and we get it- it could be a little frustrating. (Our Ginger & Sea Salt Body Wash is good, but it’s not ‘drive 73 miles’ to get it when you run out kind of good.)  So we plugged in our website -formerly Soaper Duper information only- so our customers could shop direct, and in ‘bulk’.

And coming right up:

The stuff of coconuts.  And quite possibly the world’s best body butter. (Find a better one. We dare you.) And shampoo and conditioner. And lip balm, and foot cream. Stay tuned.



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