This is Katie, Marketing Manager. She’s tall. Thin. Intelligent. Has perfect manners. Can sing- like Beyoncé kind of sing- but she doesn’t make a big deal out of it, really, because that might be just the one talent too many that makes every else around here just stop trying to compete. And hey, we’ve all got to compete.


This is Thomas, Brand Executive. He’s French, and therefore doesn’t believe in ‘the gym’, can play the piano with his eyes closed, speaks four languages (sigh, multilingual) and is a sucker for our Zingy Ginger Body Butter (who isn’t?).


And this shining light of loveliness is Saskia, who heads up NPD (New Product Development), and -according to her MBTI- is one of those rare people who functions right down the middle of her brain, making her sensible, but strategic, detail-oriented, but big picture. Kind of like what you want to be when you grow up, really.


Florence, AKA Flo, Senior NPD Manager. She’s so fabulous. Like the glue that holds all of our projects together. Without her, we’d be nothing. She quietly moves through the everyday mayhem, finding solution after solution, without ever letting anybody see her sweat, which is why, in stressful situations, we default to ‘go with the Flo’.


Meet Rav (AKA Soap RAV-olution). Our New Product Development Assistant, sidekick of Flo. Her remit? Resident DJ, essential oil research, storage re-orgs, everything else. Rav’s must-have? Our Zingy Ginger Body Wash, because all that zingyness makes her feel wellthy.


And the girl with the great pucker pictured here is Molly, our Junior Copywriter. Fast, flexible and feisty. She’s in charge of copy research, copy prep, copy polish, and aptly, she loves this particular hand wash for making her feel ‘like a vanillionaire’.


This is Monika. She helps run Ops (which we think are , although for those of you worriers out there, they aren’t Special Ops, we sell bath and shower supplies, for Pete’s sake.) You might wonder what she’s doing with a bottle of Body Wash on her head. And when she looked at our roll of portraits, so did she.


This is our People Director Victoria. When she’s not ruling the roost at Soaper Duper HQ, you might find her in a swimming pool. A silver paralympic medallist no less, Victoria credits Soaper Duper for avoiding the dryness that chlorine can cause and likes to indulge in a little Super Juicy Passionfruit in between her backstrokes.


Our People Advisor, Charlotte is the proud founding member of our in-house recycling team who have taken the initiative to banish all deskside bins and introduce an office-wide recycling scheme. She has lunchtime French lessons and still finds time to be a hand model.


This is Chris. He does CFO duties for Soaper Duper and our sister business- BEAUTY PIE, and it’s a good thing he’s in shape (ahem, a keen marathon runner) because he is BUSY! For Christmas shopping, he’s raiding the Product Development Department Shower gel cabinet. (He has to, really. He’s got his head perpetually stuck in a spreadsheet)


This is Egle, our Photographer, who spends more time here at Soaper Duper BEHIND the camera than in front of it (hence, the captivating composition of her selfie, above.)