What’s the most challenging thing about creating Soap for the Future?

 Being at the mercy of possibility and at the hands of the industry’s constraints. When you have a really clear vision of what you want to do NOW, but the industry isn’t in a position to support that, yet, it can be frustrating. Take, for example, recycled packaging. Other brands aren’t creating jars out of recycled packaging at the moment, there’s little demand, and therefore the cost is higher. However there is a lot of positive movement, which we like to think we’ve triggered (at least a little).

What’s been the biggest stumbling block you’ve faced in bringing the bubble bottle and its naturally derived filling to market?

 All of our suppliers told us it was going to be too hard to use 100% recycled materials and produce an eye-catching, iconic bottle, but we were determined and wanted to make them believe it was possible too. Every time we wanted to trial a shade, the manufacturer had to shut down its machines and halt production. This is EXPENSIVE. We trialed fifteen plastic colours in total. A lot of time, energy and money went into it, but we wanted to get it right. We believe that beauty is in the detail!

 What’s been your SOAPER moment?

 Having spent 18 months living and breathing this secret brand that I couldn’t talk about outside the office, the ultimate moment had to be our launch in Liberty of London. It was kind of like giving birth! Being able to see the customers’ reactions and see how they were absorbing the consciousness of the brand, it was clear that we had created the start of a movement.

 What makes SOAPER DUPER so special?

 It’s special because it is not just another bottle of body wash. It’s got a lot of heart and good intention behind it. SOAPER DUPER is trying to do good business and good things at the same time. It is addressing some of the issues that the world is facing through a product that is also really luxurious and guilt-free to use.

 What makes you most PROUD to say you’re a part of SOAPER DUPER?

 We are genuinely trying to do the right thing every time we make a decision. We don’t take the easy route because we have a mission and we’re sticking to it. We couldn’t launch with our jars in recycled material, because it wasn’t possible at the time, but now we’ve found a source, we will change that and continue our responsibility to the planet and in turn sell more product to give more back.

 If we gave you the chance to have an evening to yourself, with a SOAPER DUPER product or two, how would you spend it?

 It would be a bath with the rich & creamy shea butter body wash, with a good book or magazine. Simple pleasures, right? It also doubles up as a great, gentle bubble bath for my four year old twins and i’m all for a multi-tasker!

 What is your absolute FAVOURITE SOAPER DUPER product and why?

 All my fellow mums will know, when you have small children, you’re constantly playing Mrs Doubtfire. I LOVE the lemon hand wash because it doesn’t dry my hands out even though I wash them constantly! I’ve stockpiled it under the kitchen sink so we’ll never run out!

 What would we find in your Room 101?

 Revolving doors, they’re aggressive and unnecessary! Who’s with me?

 If you weren’t working in product development, what would you be doing?

 If I wasn’t in Product Development I would own a beautiful little French chocolate shop – where I would handcraft chocolates on site myself!

Both: The word ‘cosmetics’ is originally from the Greek for ornament.


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