Clean and Green
(at affordable prices.)

We make the best naturally-derived bath and body products of the 21st century (so far as we know, anyway).

We formulate with loads of real ingredients.

No SLS/SLES, no parabens, no artificial colours, and we sell them in big, basic, some recycled, some recyclable plastic packaging at enviably competitive prices.
We also support WaterAid to bring soap and water to communities who need it.

We believe that soap can change everything™.


Our iconic bubble bottle has
been designed by genius industrial designer, Ross Lovegrove

We’ve been on the recycling bandwagon since the get-go

  • Our body wash bottle is made of 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic. Which last season, was 100% PCR.

Why the drop? We can’t find enough recycled
plastic to fulfil demand.
(Trust us, we’re desperately looking.)
And by the way PLEASE recycle your milk bottles,
that’s our best source!

  • 100% recyclable pumps

Our new pumps are plastic which makes
them 100% recyclable – it’s now a metal free
pump so you don’t need to remove the
metal spring before you can recycle it.

  • Our tubes are 55% PCR.

That’s the most we can use without the
plastic turning crinkly and not being
functional, but we’re looking at what
we can do to increase the amount of
recycled plastic that we use.

  • Our jars are currently made from PP (Polypropylene).

Our jars are currently a mix of 100%
recyclable PP and PIR, with a goal to
move to 100% recycled PIR by 2020.

We have recycled 24 tonnes of plastic since we launched!



What you WILL find in
Soaper Duper formulas:

  • plant-derived foaming agents
  • plant-derived emulsifiers
  • natural gum thickeners
  • natural oils and butters
  • emollients developed especially for sensitive skin
  • skin-friendly preservatives with low ecological impact

What you will NEVER find in
Soaper Duper formulas:

  • NO parabens
  • NO sulfates
  • NO phthalates
  • NO mineral oil
  • NO colourants
  • NO benzophenone
  • NO cocamide DEA
  • NO polyethylene
  • NO formaldehyde
  • NO triclosan
  • NO methylisothiazolinone (MIT)
  • NO cyclomethicone (D5)
  • NO animal derivatives
  • NO plastic microbeads

Soaper DuperSmells like

Shea Butter



Pure Happiness