Soaper Duper is proud to launch at Liberty, London!

Introducing not just soap, but soap for the future.

At Soaper Duper, we make the best loaded with the best naturally derived bath and body products of the 21st Century (so far as we know, anyway). We formulate with loads of real ingredients and sell them in big, basic, some recycled, some recyclable plastic packaging.

And from the 13th of October, we’ll be stocking our eco-friendly, fun, fabulous and affordable formulas both online and in-store, launching exclusively at Liberty, London!

Here’s why it’s a perfect match for us:


At Liberty’s opening in 1875, founder Arthur Lasenby famously said:
“I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones.”
And just like Mr. Lasenby, we’re hoping to inspire a trend in cosmetics. We want to show that it’s possible to offer amazing, naturally-derived products with formulas and packaging that respect the environment, without charging a premium, and to use a fixed amount of our profits to give soap and clean water (which we in the developed world take for granted) to people who need it.

We hope that Soaper Duper will ignite a whole new generation of conscientious and commercial cosmetics companies who do a lot of good and a lot of business.


The wise words at Liberty’s Kingly Street entrance read a little like Soaper Duper’s team mantra: “No minute gone comes back again, take heed and see ye nothing do in vain.”
At Soaper Duper, we believe in making our decisions count and are of the opinion – as Malcolm Gladwell so entertainingly relayed in The Tipping Point – that little things can make a big difference. So we’ve used big, simple, recyclable and recycled plastic bottles, left out the artificial colours and mineral oils and SLS/SLES and PEG and plastic microbeads (and a lot of the other usual suspects) in our mission to not just sell soap, but to sell soap for the future.


The half-litre eco-pop bubble bottles (created by design genius Ross Lovegrove) that cheerfully house our shower gels are made of 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) and- because that plastic comes from recycled green-topped semi-skimmed milk bottles, the base has a variable green-shaded tint. This means not every bottle will be the exact same colour, which is unheard of if you were studying ‘The Basics of Brand Building’, however just like Liberty (whose Mock-Tudor building stands out on Carnaby Street) we think there’s something brilliant and beautiful about mixing old with new, and that if each bottle is unique, we’re all better for it!

We’ve also opted for fully plastic flip top caps on our body wash bottles – rather than pumps – because pumps have to be broken into their component parts to be recycled, and we’d rather only use them when they’re really needed. (Our soon to be launched hand wash does have a pump, but we’re happy to say that we’ve sourced a fully recyclable option which will soon appear on pack!) Pick that shower gel up, give it a squeeze –  you might even build up your biceps!

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