Soaper Duper is now batting in the big leagues…

We’re now online and ON SHELVES AT TESCO!

At Soaper Duper HQ, we don’t believe that ecologically friendlier bath and body suppliers, in planet-friendly packaging, should cost the earth. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tesco to take one giant footstep towards our mission to do a lot of good by doing a lot of business.

That’s right, the grocer who got the microbeads out of their own products pronto after hearing about the damage they do to the oceans has heard our rallying call – about the recycled plastic, about the clean and green possibilities, about being perfectly luxurious and gloriously guilt free, and offered us a starring role on their shelves across the country.

How exciting is that?


As well as our original Fruity Green Tuberose, Zesty Lemon and Invigorating Zingy Ginger fragrances, you’ll also find out new Deluxe Fig & Yuzufruit and Vanilla Shea Butter formulas on shelf at the grocery giant.


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